About this blog:

Hello all and welcome to my blog, “Band Blasts From the Past”.  Here you will find posts on the anecdotes, stories and personalities that make up the community brass band scene in Australia.  The bands have a rich history and it is not often the big stories like results and competitions that create the stories, but the little things as well.  It is the little histories that I will be focusing on such as band stories, conductors, players and band politics. The Trove Archive is a wonderful resource and this is where I obtain most of my information so within the posts will be links to the many newspaper articles that I find.

Please enjoy!

About me:

I’ve been involved in the community band scene for over thirty years ever since I joined the Southern Area Concert Band in 1988.  I’m also a member of the Stonnington City Brass and through my travels as a teacher have previously played with the Riverina Concert Band, the Albury City Band and Bairnsdale Citizens’ Band (East Gippsland Brass). I take a strong interest the association and administration of bands and have joined the Victorian Bands’ League as an Executive Councillor, and I’m also involved with Music Australia as the current Councillor for Brass and Concert Bands.